2 Pairs of Freshly Picked Outfits

I’m getting a couple of commissions out the door today. The first is little cousin, big cousin pair of Freshly Picked Baby outfits. My harp playing customer loved the little one, and asked if I couple make a similar one for his older cousin. I love the alternating colors!

Freshly Picked Commission Baby Outfit Hand dyed Flower 2

Next up, some ruffle¬† tees for Aimee Dolich, the hysterically funny, incredible talented doodler of the blog Artsyville. She wrote me after seeing my freshly picked baby outfits on my blog and asked if I would make some for her girls. HECK YEAH! If you hadn’t noticed…I have so many ideas in my head, I never have time to make them all. I’d love to dress every kid I see in freshly picked outfits… Anyway, Aimee chose a cute pair of ruffle tees from Dharma, and she loved a particular flower/color combination I had done in one of the baby outfits. When asked if she’d like them done in alternating colors, her reply was “NO, then they’d fight over who got what color”! I hear and understanding…so matching tees for these sisters!

Freshly Picked Commission Ruffle Tee Hand dyed Flower 1

What fun! I love doing commissions…it’s so nice to know that something has a home WHILE I”m making it! And if you’re wondering…those are unripe Meyer lemons, the most incredible lemons EVER!

Have a great day! Today is the day I start wading through the comments I got on Monday for the big giveaway! Yikes! EDIT: I’m officially nuts…I actually forgot about my big show this weekend <insert hysterical laughter here> Never mind the wading through comments – I’ve got stuff to make! YIKES!

Freshly Picked Commission Baby Outfit Hand dyed Flower 1

Freshly Picked Commission Ruffle Tee Hand dyed Flower 2

5 Responses

  1. woweeeee! i LOVE them, candy! in fact, they look like pieces of candy, just as i pictured them. brilliant job – can’t wait to give them to the girls. thanks for making them so quickly!

  2. Okay, Candy. I would like one of those shirts for my daughter. Her favorite colors are red, primrose and purple. What are my size options?