Commission: Macbook Air Laptop Messenger

Here’s a hot off the ironing board new bag – it’s a rush job commission for someone who needs it so she can take it on a trip abroad – tomorrow! She came by Sunday morning to work out the details. I really like working this way – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, making these bags are a LOT of work…so it makes it much more satisfying to know that what I’m making is JUST what somebody wanted! In this case, she wanted little bits of Velcro on the inside to hold some of the pockets (like the cell phone one) closed. Easy – peasy!

Another reason I love working like this is that people choose the colors that they love…sometimes it isn’t something that I would have put together, but if I do say so myself – these colors are fabulous!


It’s got a handle & magazine pocket on the back:


And inside is a special sleeve for the laptop with a velcro strap to hold it in. This also happens to hold my regular Macbook too! Yes, the Macbook Air is thinner, but she’s got a strechy foam case that she’s going to use for even more padding (beyond the 2 layers of quilt batting and heavy interfacing I use in a laptop bag…this baby has STRUCTURE!

Macbook-Air-Messenger_0021   Unseen in this picture are 1 zipper pocket as well as a divided patch pocket as well as a D-ring for her to clip her keys on (she didn’t want a key leash).


One side has a water bottle pocket,


the other, a cell phone pocket.


The front has two big pockets to hold a paperback and a scribbler or notelet:

Macbook-Air-Messenger_0012 The straps adjust so she can hold it on her shoulder:Macbook-Air-Messenger_0024

Or across her body:Macbook-Air-Messenger_0027

I hope she loves it, because I sure do!


13 Responses

  1. This is wonderful!!!! I love the colors and the design on the front, and I love the way you brought the design to the cell phone pocket. Wow.

  2. That is one amazing bag! There’s no doubt she will love it. It’s wonderful you’ve found a way to be so satisfied with your work doing these custom orders.

  3. Gorgeous to look at, and with every possible feature. The red is brilliant, the colors are perfect and your artistry just makes the bag.

    Hardware looks good – professional.

    Are you buying in bulk? If so, can I ask where?

    Is this your last *free* weekend? My first long weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. This has been one long August!

  4. WOW…I love the colors Candy and the attention to detail is unbeleivable!!!! When you get settled down with school and all the other things to do on your “to do” list I want to really sit down and think about what I want in a bag. Let me know when you start to slow down…. HAHAHA. I am serious though 🙂

  5. Love it!! Great design, love the birds & stamped envelopes and the colors are awesome. You rock!