I’m Back!

Well – THAT was a long weekend! Thanks goodness my husband can mess around with the guts of a computer, and understands things like updating the bios of the motherboard (mine was like 8 versions behind!) For the cost of $100, plus a lot of hours, I’ve got a new, “green”, 1 Terabyte hard drive, and a squeaky clean install of vista and all my programs that I actually use. Although I was able to monitor email and keep a light finger on the Twitter stream, I’ve felt like my right arm was cut off!

Good news – I’ve now got a backlog of stuff to post about!

Bad news – no time to blog! 7 days and counting til school starts!

So, I’ve gotta start by taking a look at my to-do list. I’ve got a due date of Sept 7 on a bunch of things because that’s my last day of freedom!

Item Date Due % Done
Tote & clutch for Co 8/5/09 100%
Laptop bag for Liz 8/31/09 100%
Laptop bag for Mary 8/31/09 0%
RAA Newsletter 8/12/09 100%
Prototype Organic Onesie 8/31/09 100%
Test Dye Recycled Totes 8/31/09 100%
Add Journals to Cosa Verde Front 8/10/09 100%
Send 2 shout outs to blogs 8/31/09 100%
3-d Birdhouses 8/31/09 0%
3-d Row Houses 8/31/09 0%
Dye lots of scarves & fabric 8/31/09 40%
4 Baby Quilts 8/31/09 0%
Large Messenger for ME! 8/31/09 0%
Find Organic fabric wholesale source, test if affordable 7/31/09 100%
Photograph Scarves for website 7/31/09 60%
Tote for Pam 9/7/09 0%
Tote/Grab n’go for Tara 9/7/09 0%
Photo Articles for Craft Nouveau 8/21/09 100%
Artists for a Cause Postcard 8/31/09 100%
Computer bag for Davida 9/2/09 10%
New pillows/slipcovers for FR 8/31/09 100%

The color code: green is added during the month, red is a MUST FINISH!

Well, I actually got lots done! WooHoo! The business aspect I’m most proud of is the new blog contacts – I got lots more blog mentions than I set out to, and I’ve got a 2 part series on photography written and being edited by the folks at Craft Nouveau.

I also spent a little time on another home dec project – new pillows & simple slipcovers for the family room. “Candy!” you yell… “What are you doing DECORATING when you have so much other stuff to do!” 😉 Well, as I discovered earlier in the summer, an area of my house that is dirty or REALLY cluttered weighs me down, and sometimes it’s better to stop and fix it – and really clears the way for me get going through the to-do list. A combination of a sale on fabric at J Caroline and having to reinstall lots of software left me with some nice home dec fabric and a need to do simple sewing (pillows) while loading stuff onto my computer – so I got to make my family room look a little cleaner & brighter (pix in the to be blogged queue!) And now have lots of energy to make a big push on the list!

Now I need to throttle back and focus on getting the dayjob under control and focus my business efforts on getting ready for the Fall show season!

Item Date Due % Done
Tote for Pam 9/7/09 0%
Tote/Grab n’go for Tara 9/7/09 0%
Computer bag for Davida 9/2/09 10%
Laptop bag for Mary 9/30/09 0%
3-d Birdhouses 9/30/09 0%
3-d Row Houses 9/30/09 0%
Dye lots of scarves & fabric 9/30/09 40%
4 Baby Quilts 9/30/09 0%
Large Messenger for ME! 9/30/09 0%
Photograph Scarves for website 7/31/09 60%
Order Scarves 9/15/09 0%
Design/order business cards 9/15/09 0%
Design/order banner 9/15/09 0%
Website?? 9/30/09 ?
RAA Newsletter 9/7/09 0%
Looking Ahead for Shows:    
Going Green Baby Onesies 10/15/09 40%
Going Green Totes 10/15/09 40%
Small quArt 10/15/09 40%
Simple Totes 10/15/09 0%
More Going Green Scribblers 10/15/09 0%

And, some fun pix of some cute little buttons I’ve received from Ecojotter, on my neat little simple tote I made last week:Organic-PFD-test_0020 Organic-PFD-test_0023 Organic-PFD-test_0024 Organic-PFD-test_0025 Organic-PFD-test_0026

Sorry a couple are blurry – but I’m SO GLAD TO BE BACK!

8 Responses

  1. And I’m so glad you’re back! Your to-do list really makes me sleepy, girl. I need to save it, print it out, and read it when insomnia strikes. Love the tote and the button!

  2. I am always intrigued by how your layout your goals. Do you ever find it intimidating or overwhelming? I am a list maker and derive great satisfaction from crossing things off a daily list. I’m wondering if you find the same satisfaction with your monthly goal list…

  3. Totally agree with decluttering = destressing. Sometimes I just stop to swiffer up all the dog hair and I can move right along with my day. Good luck with September!

  4. Reading your goals and post gives me a jolt of energy! I love the lively colors in your adorable tote! Happy September goals!