Inspiration: Daisy Janie


She had me at “Bloom”.

Daisy Janie is Jan DiCintio, surface designer and blogger extraordinaire. I came across her work 1st when (I think) I was Flickring (is that a word? If not, it SHOULD be!) through handmade bag pictures. A few years ago she was making awesome bags, and started designing fabric for those bags. Jump ahead to today, and she’s left the bag making business (I wonder why? Um, no, I don’t…making bags is hard work!) and is designing & selling her own line fabric, most of which is available in organic cotton canvas, or organic hemp/cotton. Anyway, the colors she uses in Bloom are just incredible, and just my sort of palette. Couple her gorgeous color with a bold use of line that is casual, but still sharp, and she creates patterns that make my heart sing.


Annika has the most incredible crimson red that contrasts so well with that awesome chartreuse (becasue, as we all know, Chartreuse is the new neutral!)

image One of my all time fave combos, blue & brown just hits the spot in this Boxwood.

imageI could go on, and on, every single fabric is just awesome. But even more awesome is the incredible amount of work she put in to finding and featuring new indie artists & designers on her blog Scoutie Girl. She’s recently handed the reins of this blog over to Tara Gentile, so she can spend more time with her fabric & family, but she’s set the bar for blogs that supports peeps like me, and I (and MANY MANY others) are very grateful for all the work she’s done.

Although I’ve been meaning to post about how inspirational she is for quite awhile, what got me off my  bum is that she’s in 2nd place in an Etsy poll that closes in under 3 days…the winner of the poll gets to be featured on Etsy. I’d love it (and so would she) if you took a couple of seconds and clicked on over here and voted for her!

Enjoy your weekend!

7 Responses

  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. I love them all – I can see why you’re smitten! Love that boxwood – oh my! I’ll go vote!

  2. This post just made my day! I spent so much time over the past few years promoting and talking about others’ work on Scoutie Girl that I forgot how awesome it is to see a nice write-up about my own work in a blog post! It seriously felt my heart flutter. Thank you, Candy!!! Have a great day!!

  3. i adore jan’s fabrics! she has a curiosity and an intuition for color and design that just cannot be taught. she had me at bloom, too – that was the one that totally pulled me into her world!