Another Commission Complete!

This one is for a conductor. She needs a huge tote to all her stuff, which includes a bunch of scores and a baton. But then there’s times when she needs to just grab her keys, cell phone & wallet, so she ordered a matching clutch, which can clip right into the tote:




Look at all the pockets!



I really enjoy making a bag that’s just what someone wants: they’ve picked the colors and the motif, and any requested modifications. I really enjoy working this way, because each bag takes so long to make. I’m working on my website so all the info is available to my online friends, but if you’d like to order one NOW, here’s some info: Commission Bags

I wanna make one of these for myself!


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  1. I really like that bag. I have one I need to be working on right now for my hairdresser. She wants color and beading. Got the material…orange and pinks with silver hints…seed beads, and a super cool beaded handle. ANd then my best friend surprised us by having her daughter a month early. And all the supplies are still in the bag. I did blow up the pattern pieces though…didn’t realize that would cost that much. Oh well. All that to say, I love the bags that people ask for and the creativeness it takes to make their idea happen. (and trading off for a haircut and making a little extra is fun too!)