Introducing Blueberry the Bear

Often times, when I’m ignoring my kids and sewing away, my 8 year old Logan wants to join in. He’s sewn some things in the past, but we’ve had the best luck to date with sewing a whipstich and using fleece. So, here is Logan’s 1st completely finished sewing project, done today start to finish. He drew the pattern, I cut it out and stitched the face details, but then the rest was him. Unfortunately, his Dad turned on the Cubs so he could cook dinner and now Logan is bored…again. Sigh…

DSC_0001_0016 DSC_0003_0018

9 Responses

  1. That little bear is adorable along with Logan. It is so good that you encourage such creativity. Oftentimes I see kids not wanting to create because they really have not been allowed too so it is nice to see this.

  2. Way to go, Logan! You did an awesome job on your bear. I really like his shape. He looks just like a perfect cuddly bear.

  3. Such a cute bear and his boy. It is so great to teach kids, especially boys, how to sew. I’ve done the same with my boys. And, like yours, mine move on to something else very quickly!!