30 Journals finished…Off to Vacation!

   Going Green Journals Cool Stack copyGoing Green Journals Warm Stack copy

Yes! This is stacks and stacks of new “Going Green Journal Covers!” Finished JUST IN TIME to pack up and take to Idaho, for my 1st out-of state trunk show! How many altogether? 30!, 15 in a warm set of colors and 15 in a cool set. If I ever tell you again that I’m going to make 30 of something all together, all at once – SLAP ME up the side of the HEAD! Seriously, it’s easier to do the same step over & over again – but when you’re doing that step 30 times, it goes quite slowly. SO, when you’re trying to keep some out of school boys occupied, attend and photograph several important concerts, and get ready for a camping vacation – it’s a bit UNNERVING!

Anyway, here’s a few more photos (do you like the name of this line?)


Going Green Journals Cool Fan copyGoing Green Journals Cool Flowers copy

Going Green Journals Cool Birds copyGoing Green Journals Warm Fan copyGoing Green Journals Warm Birds copy  Going Green Journals Warm Flowers copy 

And more will be up in the Flickr site group.

And now – we’re off to Idaho and Yellowstone. I SHOULD have some connectivity in Idaho, so I hope I can pop in up there, but then – HORRORS – no internet for – over a WEEK!!!??? Help! Wish me luck!

10 Responses

  1. Wow! That’s amazing and they look so great stacked there together too. I hope you sell every one of them and have nothng to bring home! Enjoy your trip.

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!! Congrats on finishing. Doesn’t assembly line just do you in? I have a hard time with it – it seems to slow me down – and I can’t imagine 30 being the outcome. But they are beautiful and I’d be hardpressed to pick a favorite. Warms – I think I’m probably warm colors.

    Have a wonderful vacation. Share photos when you can.