Lots of pieces!

I know this doesn’t look like much, but this is all the fabric pieces, properly cut, fused to interfacing (the outside pieces get interfacing & batting) for 30 new journal covers (still need name!). It’s the WORST part of making, and the more I make at a time, the longer it takes! AAAHHH! Lets see how much I can get done today!

Lots of Pieces 3 copy

Lots of Pieces 2 copy

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  1. Holy moly. you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. those colors are all together are like a sugar overload! love it!

  2. Ah, but how quickly things go once the fusing and cutting are done! That’s a pretty pile of fabric there. Sorry I can’t help with the journal cover name. I’m totally not creative on that front!

  3. I checked out the accident photos hope the driver was ok?

    How about jecos?… for the new eco journals although I think eco journals sums it up nicely cos they are eco journals and you make the covers.