Updating the shop

So, I’ve done a shop update adding the notetakers and going green totes I made in the past month. This took – oh…most of a day. Seriously. I’m a bit bummed about this because I do NOT add the time I spend on stuff like this into my prices. I probably should…and I worry about if this will effect my sales. Sigh… I DID however, find a great site that (if you use Firefox) fixes a lot of Etsy’s annoying little quirks, most especially, giving you the power to copy a listing so you can base a new listing on one you’ve already set-up. Etsy Hack God bless this man!

This is one of the reasons I’m looking to build a website this summer. Which of course just blows my mind when I think about how much that will take.

So, mark me down as having a frustrating day, and enjoy the pretty picture:

Going Green

Which was created by a sweet freeware program called Photoscape. I’ve got a VERY old version of Adobe photoshop elements, and can’t bear the thought of upgrading – it seems to have so many different functions that I kind of get lost. This program does some neat things very simply, and added a little joy to this dismal day!

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  1. It looks better than being the homework policeman which believe me was really depressing and totally non productive art wise but he got it all done. And hopefully that has taught him a lesson… its nice to know that I still have ideas about how to write an essay!