Orange Muffin Festival

Really quick – the festival was fun. It was held here:

orange muffin 086

My good friend Liz came with her “raggy” quilts, button jewelry and little bags made from recycled ties:

orange muffin 068

As it was only 3 hours, I “only” took bags, notetakers, scarves and mini art quilts:orange muffin 073

One of the hardest things about selling scarves (well anything really, but especially the scarves) is display. Here you can see the rack I use to hold more scarves:orange muffin 074

I’m busy getting ready for a full blown day of selling at Red Dirt Art Festival this Saturday, and don’t forget to enter my celebratory giveaway! One more day til the comments close (gee, I hope I can figure out how to do that!)

I don’t show my face too often (I prefer being behind the camera) but here’s a half decent picture, so I thought I’d say HI!

orange muffin 094

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  1. Man, isn’t it hard to display scarves!? I wrestle with that every year, both for the shop and at any craft markets I do. At the last market I went to just about all I had was scarves so I wound up borrowing a display that a friend had made to show off her hanks of handspun yarn. It was the best display I’ve managed but it too left something to be desired.

    I spend lots of time surfing the tubes, looking for interesting scarf displays that I could actually manage. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Hi! I went to the festival, but was too shy to say hi… Plus you were quite busy! And I saw Liz’s table. I love the way she recycles those ties!