Orange Muffin Festival

Is OVER! Phew! I’ll have some pix in a day or two, I forgot my camera, but luckily my friend Liz brought hers! I did manage to get over half of my going green totes finished:

Going Green April 09 006 Going Green April 09 007 Going Green April 09 001

They were fun to do… and the list looks a little better!

Item Date Due % Done
Floral quArt 3/20/2009 100%
30 Tie Dye shirts etc…for Elixer 3/20/2009 100%
Design Clutch – Will Tuba 3/26/09 100%
10 Notelets 4/24/09 100%
5 Warm Colors Grab & Go 4/24/09 0%
5 Warm Colors Clutch 4/24/09 0%
30 Going Green Totes 4/24/09 70%
5 Cool Colors Clutch 4/24/09 0%
Cool Colors quArt 4/24/09 0%
Crazy Colors Bags 4/24/09 0%
5 Cool Colors messengers 4/24/09 15%
Candied Fabrics Quilt 4/25/09 0%
Medium tote for Nicholle’s sister 5/30/09 0%
Laptop bag for Liz 5/31/09 0%

I’m actually glad I did this little festival, it got me to realize all the MISTAKES in my signs I need to fix for next weekend! ARGH! I met some nice people, I was shaded, the orange juice was fabulous, and it was nice to work alongside Liz. Once home, I spent some time in the hot tub, while the boys played in the pool (yes they are NUTS, the pool is NOT heated, so it was nippy, to say the latest). Our yard is in full bloom, the show was over, I wasn’t sick, the boys were happily playing, my husband is home too – basically, all was well. And the feeling that Jan DiCinto blogged about the other day was there – the  relaxed, happy, all is right with the world feeling. Welcome back feeling, I missed you. Lets see if I can keep hold of it.

Tonight – collapse…tomorrow – sew!!!!!!!!!!!

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