30 Tees and Counting

Well, we had some sun today, which is great, as I’ve got to dye 30 tee shirts as well as 9 1/2 yard pieces of knit-fabric and one very large piece of silk for a production of Donizetti’s “Elixer of Love” – set in the 1970’s! All the chorus people are hippies! Anyway, here’s all the dye I mixed up:

Elixer 001

Here are the tee’s all dyed up and batching:

Elixer 005

Here’s the long piece of silk – the costume designer wanted green through dark blue to blue:

Elixer 002And just as I was cleaning up, I dropped a new jar of cerulean blue!!! Completely upside down! Thanks goodness I was able to get the dog in the house (phew!) and use a piece of cardboard to slide under the jar and flip the whole thing back over again. That could have been bad. Here’s all I couldn’t scoop back in the jar:

Elixer 007

You know, I’ve died a lot over the years, and this is the worst spill I’ve had – I should count myself lucky! Now, for the washout!

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  1. wow, you are lucky! That’s your worst spill? BTW, you have to show us the tee’s when they are all done! Such fabulous colors have to be admired.