6 weeks and counting

So, I’ve got some shows coming up. The 1st is 6 weeks away, so I need to focus. Part of me is really inspired to make a lot of art right now, the pragmatic part of me knows I’ve got to make things that will sell, so I could possibly be in the black (supply wise) before summer. The economy being what it is, I’m going to focus on smaller things. I’m also tiring a bit on the making of my bags, so they’re going to be later in the cue, and if I don’t get to them, then I don’t. So, here’s a list of what I want to accomplish:

Item Date Due % Done
Floral quArt 3/20/2009 0%
30 Tie Dye shirts etc…for Elixer 3/20/2009 10%
Design Clutch – Will Tuba 3/26/09 0%
10 Notelets 4/24/09 10%
5 Warm Colors Grab & Go 4/24/09 0%
5 Warm Colors Clutch 4/24/09 0%
30 Going Green Totes 4/24/09 30%
5 Cool Colors Clutch 4/24/09 0%
Cool Colors quArt 4/24/09 0%
Crazy Colors Bags 4/24/09 0%
5 Cool Colors messengers 4/24/09 15%
Candied Fabrics Quilt 4/25/09 0%
Laptop bag for Liz 5/31/09 0%

So, yeah, I’ve got a lot to do. Fortunately, the week before the April show is my break between spring semester and May term classes, so if I keep on task with my school stuff, I should have a nice chunk of time to get a bunch of stuff done!

And, because no post is complete without a picture, I keep fussing with the color field quilts:

color field cont

The colors on this aren’t smack on, but I’m too tired to fuss with it. My hubby thought the upper right green square was too dull, and I agree. He also thought the narrow bands in the center needed more texture, and i disagreed ;-). I’m still trying to decide what I’d like to do in the center of the one that will hang on the right. I had the plum color up on my working wall for a week and was liking it, but now I’m backing loving an orange stripe. Oh well, with that list up above, these 2 will be on my wall for awhile to come!