3rd Iteration Done!

Here it is…I’m happy with this one!




Once it was done, i decided it needed a bit more stucture/grounding, so I made a board for it to sit on from 2 layers of Timtex fused together.

Unless i regret it tomorrow, I’d decided to call this series “Home is Where the Art is…” Hokey, but it seemed brilliant at 6 AM and hasn’t made me totally gag as the day has progressed. I’ve got until Sunday to decided. And speaking of Sunday, you folks were so enthusiastic about the prototype, I thought i’d enter that one as well. So, now I’ll ahve to make another one, so it truly is a series. One reason why I’d like to continue in this vein is that the intention behind the “MINI” show is to draw people in and make them look closer at a small piece of art – and these houses really do that. It’s a bugger trying to get pix of the inside after the house is assembled…I’ll try again tomorrow. Until then, here are details of the sides before assembly:


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