Progress on house #3

I’m just about done with house #3 and I’m very happy with it!
Here are some teaser shots:

Also, I need a better name for this than “Art House #3″…anyone?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I’m dying here – I love these so much! The colors are so wonderful! Hmmm I’m the worst at naming things too…

  2. Your title and a consecutive numbering is exactly what I would do. Remember me…Bundle Study 164? Seriously, I think that the simple title highlights the fact that you are working on an intentional series. If there is some sort of other narrative hidden there, it would make sense to include it in the title if you like. But, I think you know what you’re doing, Candy. Oh, and I am completely devoted to that icy looking house in the other post. Amazing color combinations.