Look – it's a quilt!


I’ve spent so much time sewing bags and dyeing scarves, it’s been a while since I’m made an actual quilt! This one is for a baby due to Co & Vatsan in under a month! I also made a pillow from scraps so I could try out the quilting scheme I was thinking about before committing to quilting the quilt!

I also made some tie dyed baby bags – these were the best things to put my boys to sleep in…I wish I had had Dharma trading available when they were little – they have blanks that are perfect:


Funny thing is, although I told them that they should use it – Vatsan insisted it go on the wall! I guess this means they like it!



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  1. all these babies are so lucky to get a craft from your tallents!

    Max LOVES his birdie mobile. For now, it’s hanging from our ceiling fan in the living room. He is constantly staring at it. I gotta get a pic and send to you. 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I really love the back side of the quilt, the entire tie-tye. The colors you chose mixed with the quilting, wow! Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments regarding the tutorial! I really love the fabric house you made too, I think I might give that a try…

  3. This one, this one right here is exactly what I want my son’s quilt to turn out like. I know it probably won’t come close, but this thing is amazing! I’m just going to do the entire thing in tie dye, so I’m looking for it to look like the back side of this quilt. I hope it works out, I’m so nervous! He’s going to love it though!