Shop Update

Well, I’ve done about as much updating to my shop as I can stand right now! The main reason I opened my Etsy shop was to keep in contact with folks who see me at a local art fair and would like to purchase something from me at a later date. Of course, people who haven’t actually met me  in person are MORE the welcome to buy stuff as well 😉  but right now my life’s little balancing acts is teetering out of control. I can either spend days (literally) taking photos to post, or I can make more stuff to sell at the other shows I’m doing this Fall. Because every single thing I make is unique, each item needs several well taken photos before being posted. I’m putting a moritorium on photos, as of now! So, I did get my new notelets & notetakers listed, as well as relisting things that didn’t sell. I won’t post any of the new scarves that I’ve dyed though…not until the next 2 shows I’m doing are done…

Here’s a collage of the photos I took for just one listing:

Shots for notetaker

They are not even close to great photos, but I’m going to go crazy if I stare at a computer screen tweaking colors & brightness any more!!!! AAAHHH!

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  1. OOH i love the notetakers! I hear ya about taking a lot of pictures to get the right one. Once you have the best one your eyes can go cross eyed trying to enhance it!