Return to normal…not really!

Well, I survived! I had a great time at the show, sold LOTS of hand dyed silk scarves – like 70! So many that after selling all day Saturday I went home & died 22 more that night – luckily the Sunday show doesn’t start til 11:30 AM – I was ironing scarves in my pjs til 11 AM! I actually was really worried about how stuff would sell in this economy, so I bought a less expensive blank (5mm habotai silk) to sell along with my more expensive scarves – this was a great idea, not only did some people gravitate to the scarf for the lower price, but it has a wonderful airy, flowy texture, so this one will remain in my repertoire!
I also sold all the grab n’gos and a few of the smaller bags, so again, the lower price point stuff was the attractive stuff. But, I was happy & exhausted at the end of it all! Phew!
On to the next!
Art for Heaven's Sake Booth Setup
Booth Setup
Art for Heaven's Sake Booth Setup
Booth Setup

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  1. Thanks! Yes I will be posting my notelets on etsy…I’ll probably photograph each one this afternoon and get them up later today.


  2. WOW Candy! It looks awesome!! Congratulations on your success! You know I’m one of your biggest fans. You’re so damn creative. If I could, I’d buy one of everything!

    Love and miss you

  3. What a lovely booth space! I think your work is lovely! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m adding your blog to my list of links I can’t live without, on my own blog!