Cypress Craftsman | My New Project!

All has been quiet on the blog because I’ve been busy with extreme empty nesting:

My husband is now living in DeKalb, IL as the director of the School of Music at Northern Illinois University.

Liam is again spending the summer at the Aspen Music Festival; when he’s done he’ll drive east, hang out with Andrew for a couple of weeks and then start his Master’s in Trombone Performance at Northwestern University. Our younger son Logan will be studying film at San Francisco Art Institute starting this Fall. I will be staying in Redlands to continue to teach at the UoR and take advantage of the tuition exchange our university is part of to make Logan’s four years at the San Francisco Art Institute affordable(-ish!).

So we put our big house (2400 sq ft) on the market May 22nd:

Liam left for Aspen June 17th, Andrew put a bunch of stuff on a moving truck and then drove to DeKalb a few days later. Literally 2 months from the time we put our house on the market, we had sold the big house:

And passed papers on a much smaller one:

I’m obviously leaving out a LOT of details, suffice it to say that this process has been extremely stressful and a heckuva lot of work, but I’m trying to focus on the fact that the house sold so quickly and I was able to find the cutest little Craftsman bungalow to call home for the next few years.

At 1500 sq ft with a smaller garage, there’s gonna be some serious downsizing. Hubby took a lot of stuff, but nothing close to 50% of what was in our larger house. Although I did some purging etc. before moving everything into storage, there’s going to be another round of purging as things go back in!

I took a video to show where this all starts. For the next 6 months or so I’m going to be focusing on getting things set up on this new house. There’s a spot for my #customdyeingsinkofawesomeness that gets shade all day long, so dyeing shall continue, but I’m going to be doing all the yard work, and as you’ll see, the yard needs WORK!

I’ll definitely be recording my progress here on the blog, because it’s the best place to keep track of everything that gets done. Rest assured, there will still be dyeing and sewing content, just at a slower pace for awhile!

3 Responses

  1. Hi Candy,
    Great tour !!
    Terrific house Windows are spectacular
    You have not mentioned Stirling ???
    My Riley died last summer 16 yrs
    I phoned his breeder to let her know he was gone AND now have a blue merle canadian champion 5 yrs old
    Showing days over Puppy time over
    Sometimes I still wonder how it happened. Just timing I guess as was same with Riley
    He was a beatiful sheltie & this girl is sweet —delighful
    I’m sure you will be happy in your new home –so many nice features

    1. Oh Stirling is indeed still with us! He’ll be the only one left with me when Logan heads off to school in a couple of weeks! Our dogs are so important, aren’t they? During the house hunt I was always on the lookout for places in each house where Stirling could sit and watch the world go by while I’m at work…this house has a couple of lovely spots to do that!