April Goals Check in

Oh my friends (if anyone still reads blogs…). Life is full of ups and downs, these past couple months have been SUPER DUPER ROLLER COASTERS!!! 

Anyway, we’re having to shake money out of non-existent trees to pay our taxes, but they are done in the nick of time!

April Goals

Inventory April 10   100%
Taxes April 15    100%
Top secret UoR project April 20     50%
Start increasing scarf stock May 1    0%
Baby Quilt for Emma June    10%
New Online Shop!!!! ASAP   20%
FMQ Club April 17    100%
Calendar Email Sent June 1    0%
Stripey Quilt for Living Room Backburner-ish    2%
Dye Slipcover for Mary Backburner-ish    0%
Move online classes to new hosting Backburner-ish    0%
New Quilt for Logan Backburner-ish    0%
New Quilt for Liam Backburner-ish 20%
Indigo Throw Backburner-ish    0%
Update Tutorials on Website Backburner    0%
Update Galleries on Website Backburner    0%
Mod House Quilt back burner    0%


 I DID get fabric dyed for a quilt for my cousin’s new baby Emma. Who knows when I’ll be able to make the quilt, probably sometime this summer though! I’ve also been working on a top secret project for someone at the UoR – I may never be able to spill the beans on that, but it’s nothing especially artistic, just something I can solve with my particular skill set and get well paid for so there you go!

So I’m going to try to concentrate on the beautiful parts of each day, like these very late First Roses of Summer I photographed a couple days ago:

And here are just a few of the MANY buds that are about to burst open!

2 Responses

  1. OMGosh you have a lot of goals. I would say you got the most important one done! Your roses are lovely. Here in Northern Indiana we don’t see roses until around June…IF spring ever gets here and pushes the cold weather out of the way.
    xx, Carol