The Pillows Ensconced in Their New Home!

Yesterday I showed you the improvisationally pieced pillows I made for my newly painted living room, here they are in situ:

Ugh, it was really hard to get even decently lit pictures of them on the couches but they look awesome in there!

Even more awesome is the coffee table hubby built for the space!!!

It is absolutely perfect for the space in every way!

Then of course, there’s my cute DVD baskets in the custom media cabinet he made as well!

I’m super happy with how everything looks in there now! And of course, so is Stirling! He’s got more pillows to lounge on!!!



7 Responses

  1. Love the pillows! Most projects that I am making over the past several months are made completely with fabrics that I have hand dyed. I definitely have the bug!

    1. Hi June! (For some reason your first comment needed approval but the others didnt!) Indeed, once you start actually USING your own hand dyed fabrics it is hard to go back!!!

  2. Oops! I lied. I did use commercial fabrics for Christmas and Valentine’s Day sewing and probably some other random projects. My brief attempts for the perfect Christmas and Valentine’s Day red did not work out and the prints were so pretty and immediately available. My usual preference is for hand dye fabrics, though, and I am building quite the stash!