I Made Sconces with Indigo Dyed Shades!

After making a couple of lampshades for my bedroom a couple months ago (note, hubby made both the lamps and the bedside tables!):

I started thinking about lampshades for sconces on the other side of the room, so I could remove the lamp that’s plugged into the switched outlet for the room from the crowded table. But as I looked around for sconces, I couldn’t find anything that I liked at a low pricepoint that had a plain lampshade I could replace with custom indigo dyed ones. So…I did what I usually do, find a way to make what I want!!! I spent a bit of time on pinterest and zeroed in on a style I liked, take a look at these inspiration pins.

Basically, I ordered some electrical supplies from Color Cord Companyand some Ekby Valter shelf brackets from Ikea. I made some small lampshades with fabric I indigo dyed and hubby drilled a few holes in the bracket (2 were already there, he had to enlarge them so the cord would fit through), ran the cord through them and installed the light fixture bits and voila!

Because they are plugged into a switch outlet I chose to not install a thumbswitch on the cord, but we can add that if we ever need to. I didn’t have a rectangular piece of art that would work in that spot, so that indigo piece works there for now, but I’m thinking about something that will fit there. 

I totally love these sconces, this part of the room is a) better lighted now and b) feels so open and airy! 

So a question for you – should I make a couple more for my upcoming show?

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