Another Update on Logan’s ’68 VW Bug

The summer is quickly ending! I’ve been spending a lot of time prepping for my classes that start at the University of Redlands next week, but I also spent last weekend helping with the bug.

Hubby (and Logan, but mostly Hubby) spent a LONG time this summer stripping ALL the paint off the bug and getting it ready to be painted. It was finally ready for paint a couple weeks ago. The outside looked like this:

And the inside looked like this (we had to put one of the seats we reupholstered in July in so Andrew could drive it onto a trailer for transport to the painters):

We took it to the painters last Monday, and by Thursday it was back looking a bit better!Logan decided we should paint it the original color, that is still in decent shape on the inside, called “Zenith Blue”.

Then all three of us spent a goodly portion of the weekend getting the headliner put in:

It’s getting exciting to see it now! They put some of the chrome trim on, now it’s window and gasket installation!