Another Hand Dyed Baby Layette!

I love babies in colorful clothes, especially when they’re handmade! Hubby’s administrative assistant is pregnant with a baby girl who is due in September, so I needed to dye some clothes for her! I chose a subdued palette, tones of a natural rainbow to be specific, so that the clothes are still lovely and colorful but not in your face bright!

I purchase all these as blanks from Dharma Trading. I started with 6 onesies (half 3 months size, the other half 6 month) and matching socks. I of course think that the complement of each hue is the sock to pair with!

3 pairs of pants using only three of the hues each time:

I always give my favorite sleep sack – so easy to change diapers in the middle of the night, and the cuffs have fold overs to keep their fingers warm:

And then of course a flannel baby blanket:

I hope she loves them!!!