Lampshades Made with Indigo Dyed Essex Fabric!

Tadah! I did it! I made lampshades for lamps that hubby made us 20 years ago!

If you’re wondering how to make lampshades, there’s a website for that! I Like That Lamp has all the materials you need to make your own, plus tutorials on how to do it. I’m quite happy with how these came out, and love how they look with the lights on:

I definitely didn’t want them to match, and the left hand side of the bed is the darker side, so I wanted one shade with more white than the other to help sort of even the lighting out:

Was it hard to make these? No…sort of. I used the clear tacky glue that I had in my studio rather than ordering the glue from the website, I was unable to get the fabric pushed all the way under the ring like they show in their tutorials, so the inside isn’t as neat as they achieve. Logan wants one now, so when I order another kit I’ll get their glue and compare! But I’m totally happy with how these came out as you totally can’t see the slightly messy interior.



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    1. Thanks! That’s my fave too!!! I gave it to hubby because my side of the bed needs more light and the cotton blossom is a bit “girlier” if that’s a thing! LOL