Studio Snapshots | Block #6 of My Improv Sampler Quilt

Block 6 of my Improv Sampler is actually a row of wonky stars, to balance the row at the bottom of the quilt. 

I started my just making wonky stars in different sizes, one in each color that I’ve been using in this quilt:

Before making any more stars, I decided to piece the rest of the quilt together to get a final width for my star row:

I’m quite happy with the arrangement. I was able to add just a bit more interest and weight to the smallest of the blocks with the 2 wonky cabins by inserting some leftover pieced strips along two of the corners, I love how that came out!

So close to being done with this!!!!!

One Response

  1. This such an exciting piece, Candy!

    Not that I know better than you, but have you tried switching the two large block on the right? It seems to me the weightier one that’s now near the top would feel better closer to the bottom. Just my two cents. I’m truly in awe of what you produce!