Introducing Elmer the Hand Dyed Patchwork Elephant!

Every once in awhile I see a stuffed animal pattern that makes me want to sew it, and I wait for the perfect opportunity to make it! Our Niece Flannery has 3 children, and I’ve made stuffed animals for the older ones, this year, it’s Lincoln’s (the baby) turn! I really like Abby Glassenberg’s Patchwork Elephant pattern, and Flannery’s family loves Elmer the Patchwork elephant, so here he is:

Oh my gosh is he cute! And oh my gosh, every time I make a stuffed animal I remember why I don’t make more of them…they are hard to make well! I did my best…and this is it for stuffed animal making for the forseeable future, LOL!!!! I do have some leftovers from the patchwork panel that I do think would make a fantastic pillow, so stay tuned for that!!!! 

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