Another Milestone for Logan!

I dropped Logan off on a scorching Saturday at CSSSA. He’s never been away from home without family, except for a couple of science camps in middle school, and in that class his whole entire class along with their science teacher were there. He and I were a BOTH bit apprehensive, but felt better after meeting his awesome head of the film department. After a bit of shopping for forgotten items and nice lunch, we got him set up in his large dorm room and I had to head back to Redlands to host yet another party.

There are 3 people, one who sleeps on a rollaway bed, and only 2 desks, so I assume that during the year this room only holds 2, which is quite a nice size! And they have a walk in closet! I actually convinced him to take a quick selfie with me! (Not something we usually ever do!!!)

We had a quick text conversation last night, he’s having fun, the kids liked his film he made for his application, and the cafeteria has a milk dispenser that dispenses really tasty chocolate milk, so all is well!!! FIngers crossed he learns a ton!!

2 Responses

  1. Go Logan!
    Candie, I enjoy reading about your sons and how they navigate through the different phases of childhood, the tween and teen years, and soon adult years. Thank you for sharing their lives along with pies, pillows, dye, and stitches.
    Peace and Stitch,

    1. Thanks so much Candace! Indeed, I really enjoy sharing occasional updates of my life as I really like preserving important memories in this way, and as an artist, my life informs my work, and so I hope that other people find it interesting as well! Yours in color – Candy