2 | Improv Piecing Continues on a Wonky Tree Baby Quilt

I was able to keep going on the baby quilt for baby Maia the very next day! I started by piecing the rest of the trees:

And then doing a first layout on my design wall. Sorry all these pix aren’t very good, I had low light and didn’t want to set up the tripod.

I know I want a sun in the upper left corner, and a cabin in the bottom right, thus the spaces in those corners. I also know that I will need to make more trees, but not making them all ahead of time means I can make specific sizes, tilts and colors to fit into whatever layout I end up on! Seeing this layout I realized the quilt needed to be one tree wider:

And I really need to get rid of that diagonal line of blue trees! I did some shuffling, and then started improv piecing a sun. I want to have a wonky circle, with rays coming out but not connected to the center circle, so I decided the best way to do that was to piece the rays, then applique a center circle over them. I got as far as the rays before I had to stop for the night:

The rays on the left quadrant are a bit too even for me, but not so much that I’m going to redo it – I absolutely LOVE how this came out!!!! Once i applique the circle in the center, all that extra grey will get trimmed away, but leaving it until then will make the applique easy to do.

We had a party on Sunday so all I did that day was fuss and swap trees around every once in awhile:

I absolutely love how this is coming along!!!!