1 | Getting Started on a Wonky Tree Quilt for the Newest Member of My Extended Family

My cousin Matt and his wife Dreya had a baby girl about 3 weeks ago, and I’ve finally got the time to make them a quilt for her!! A few months ago I asked Dreya about colors they were using in the nursery, and she replied “greys and neutral wood tones, lots of blues and greens with pops of red, orange and gold”. Well, I immediately knew that I wanted to make them a wonky tree quilt! I really enjoyed making this one:

and it fits so well in with their lifestyle – they’re both runners and really down to earth, the trees just feel right for them! And her color choices made it really easy for me: I’ll do the background in a few tones of grey, the trees will be blues and greens, and the trunks will be fuschia, red, orange and gold! So I dyed the fabrics I needed and let the stack sit in the corner of my studio for a couple of months while I did all the other things I had to do!

My one big decision was…stars? In a grey sky? Or…a SUN???? I decided that I thought a sun would fit better, and thought about how I could improvisationally piece a sun every once in awhile! Last Friday, I got down to business and cut out 24 7″ x 12″-ish rectangles, and 3 wonky tree shapes from all 8 of the blue and green fabrics:

I then stacked them all up, and started piecing! By the end of Friday night I had these:

A really good start! Wahoo!!!