Logan is 16!

How can it be that my baby

is 16 years old???? Life has a way of speeding by, doesn’t it?

The highlights of Logan’s birthday celebration were:

I made him profiteroles (which are basically big cream puffs that are filled with ice cream and topped with a sauce of some kind) and they were a big hit

Stirling LOVES helping with present opening, and Logan loves Hawaiian shirts and was happy to get a couple more:

He was REALLY thrilled with new sheets (complete with the classic “Christmas Story” chuck over the shoulder move) (Which is why I gave them to him)

He still LOVES video games, but it was really cool to see how excited he was for his new shirts and a camera bag for his hand-me-down-from-Mom DSLR camera that he’s started using to film videos, it will come in handy when he goes to film summer school at CSSSA this summer! He has really really resisted all talk of summer camps etc… for his entire life. Finding CSSSA, getting him excited and doing all the work to apply took some fancy talking from the rest of us. I honestly didn’t think he was going to get in this year, and so am excited and relieved that HE is so excited about going! Perhaps…hes growing up????