Sprucing up the Music/Dining Room

Way back in 2009 we decided that the dining room should be a music room 363 days of the year, and after rearranging the house a bit arrived at this arrangement.

Home June 09_10 copy

Home June 09_26 copy

Lots of the art on the walls has changed since then, and the table in the middle has been removed so there’s more room for 2 trombonists to stand in the center. That light (which is an inexpensive, not well made light) had to go as it hit Andrew’s head and for years was replaced by a serviceable but not very pretty flush mounting ceiling fixture. That large installation of mine has remained, and frankly I’m a bit tired of those colors!

Home June 09_30 copy

Home June 09_28 copy

Over the years the walls have gotten boogered up, so we’ve been slowly revamping this room! I got a new light fixture for Chrismas that meets the close to the ceiling requirement for my tall tromboninsts while being a bit more stylish. Over our Spring Break hubby painted the room a light grey, and I made a pair of white linen curtains. I’m going to dye them, but I like to make the curtains before dyeing them, so I decided to hang the white ones up to be sure that I liked the long panels hanging behind the long table that spends 363 days of the year in front of the window. I’ve now got a clean slate, and I’m trying to decide what to do with the walls and the curtains!

I’m a bit stumped, and have been since I hung those curtains! That’s a lotta wall space! However, taking these quick pix, and seeing the old ones from 2009 are helping me see this room in a different light, now I’m gonna let my subconscious chew upon this for a bit!