1 | A Color Palette for a Wonky Tree Baby Quilt

Two summers ago I went to my cousin Matt’s wedding, he married a lovely woman named Dreya! Here they are breaking the glass towards the end of the ceremony, look at those smiles!

Anyway, Dreya is pregnant now and due in May, so it’s time for me to make them a baby quilt!!! I had so much fun working on my Wonky Tree Quilt, that I’m going to make their baby one too! They are both really into running and the outdoors, so I thought the trees were a good fit for their lifestyle. Because it stresses me out to not know if the recipient likes the colors I’m using, I asked Dreya how they’re decorating the nursery, and she replied “As far as the nursery goes, we’ve kept it to pretty neutral colors (grays, beige, brown) but would love some bold pops of color with any accessories! I really love beautiful blues and greens with accents of red, orange, or even fuschia” 

So I thought using a few tones of grey for the background (very subtle, not a lot of variation) with blue and green trees that have fuschia/red/orange/gold tree trunks, with either a sun or some stars and perhaps a simple cabin as well would fit well with who they are as people as well as what they’re doing for color in the nursery. I sent them 3 different color wheels made from 3 different sets of pure dyes to get started, once they chose their favorite I dyed up these fabrics and sent these pix off to them to double check that they like them:

2 Responses

  1. I think it’s very nice and thoughtful of you to ask for color preferences. I wish more people did that. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

    1. I’ve come to realize that it really really stresses me out if I’m making something for someone and I don’t know if they’ll like the colors – this makes the process so more enjoyable for me! And indeed, if it’s the colors the parents enjoy, they should really like it too!!!