A Quick Break for Liam

We got to hang out with Liam last week! Vanderbuilt’s Spring Break was last week and unlike last year when he and the rest of the trombone studio did a concert tour to Virginia and then performed at the American  Trombone Workshop, he got to come home instead!

He got to spend a week decompressing….and practicing. He’s got a big audition late this month and was happy to have the house to himself for several hours every day while the rest of us were out working/going to high school!

We did have a fun smaller dinner party on Friday night where I made pita bread in the pizza oven, they puff up like a UFO within seconds:

And a delicious Strawberry Rhubarb pie:

I’ve not made a pie crust from scratch in years, due to poor execution in the past. But Smitten Kitchen ‘s all butter pie crust recipe, which has excellent instructions, has convinced me that it’s possible to make superior crusts from scratch! So next year’s festival of pie has become more challenging, but could be more delicious! Here’s Deb’s Strawberry Rhubarb pie recipe, and her all butter crust recipe.

All too soon, we had to take him back to the airport! He works really hard at school and was happy to have a week at home to decompress and energize! And I was happy to cook him lots of his favorite foods while he was home! 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Nice to have those University students back home for a week. What recipe do you use for the Pita bread. I would love to try it in my oven – once the snow is gone to make it accessible!