7 | Quilting my Wonky Tree Quilt

It’s quilting time! The last decision to make was the color for the quilting thread: either a navy thread that would blend into the background and stand out in the trees, or a lime green thread that would blend with the trees but pop from the background:

I decided that I wanted the stars to pop out of the sky, and would be easier to see while quilting, so I went with the lime green.I’ll admit, after quilting a couple of trees and their background, I had my doubts, because one of the strengths of this quilt is the background fading away so that the randomness of the wonky trees is strongly showing, and I was worrying that colored thread was taking that away, but there was no way I was gonna unpick it all, so onward I went!

Here you can see that the first section is completely quilted:

And here I’ve added the second section:

Here are some detail shots after I finished quilting the second section:

This cabin makes me so happy!

Here’s the quilt with the last session added:

After changing a bobbin, something went awry, thank goodness I figured it out quickly:

That was a quick, 5 minute unpick. Towards the end, I somehow, after quilting a gazillion stars, forgot HOW to quilt one and this crazy star happened:

I left that one, it’s kinda cute! Here it is all quilted:

So close to the finish!!!!

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  1. Your quilting really made this work. I was thinking I actually liked your pillow better UNTIL I saw the quilted quilt top. Lovely work.