Laundry Room Finally Finished

The last step in finishing up our laundry room re-do was making a couple of baskets to go on the new shelf hubby made for me:

I’ve got storage above the washer and dryer, but it’s just a little too high/far back for me to reach comfortably, my washer and dryer are pretty deep. Plus, I keep all my dyes and other chemicals there too, so it’s pretty tight up there. So I asked hubby to build me a shelf to hold stuff I use all the time.

I bought a couple of really cute containers from World Market months ago, the big one holds rags, the smaller one holds fabric softener sheets. The detergent dispenser is placed where I can use the spigot when the washing machine lid is open. The jar holds coins that end up in the laundry basket but I needed something else to hold all the other small bits that ends up on the top of the dryer, plus there was room for one more basket, and I had even more rags to store (what can I say, I go through a lot of rags!), so I wanted to make 2 baskets to fit on the shelf. I was at a bit of a loss as to what kind of fabric to use, but then I remembered a linen print that has been marinating in my stash for a good 10-15 years, and miracle of miracle located it pretty quickly! The fabric works really well with those French containers!

I love my laundry room now that it’s all pretty and filled with function! We need lots of hooks in there for hanging wet towels etc. from the pool. I’ve always been a huge fan of Shaker pegs, but that style doesn’t really fit the style of our house, but i found these really cool hooks at Home Depot which fit the bill perfectly!

I put the clean laundry in the basket on top of my mangle, and then that large shelf holds piles of folded clothes, I sort as I fold. The baskets underneath hold socks and underwear (which don’t get folded!). When the piles get tall, I put them in the correct basket and everyone takes their baskets up to put the clothes away!

Laundry is a chore, but it’s less of one when everything looks so nice and functions so well!

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