December Goals Check-in

I’m a couple days early but I’m a wee bit nervous about getting things done because last week, while doing a private fund-raising show, I received orders for 8 Christmas stockings…hooray and YIKES! That’s a lot to add to my before Christmas to-do list, so I thought I’d write this post to help me sort things out!

December Goals

Dye more Indigo Dyed Scarves December 10 100%
6 more Zip and Gos December 10 100%
5-10 more Zip Wallets December 10 100%
15 Indigo Dyed Going Green Totes December 10 100%
Private event December 18 100%
Open Studio December 10-11 100%
Update Online Shop December 13 80%
Run Giveaway December 15 50%
Move website to new hosting and re-design December 15 50%
Presents for nieces, nephews, and other relatives! December 20 0%
8 Custom Jester Stockings! December 22 0%
New curtain for dining room January 1 0%
Re-do Laundry room January 1 90%
Calendar email to students January 1 0%
Stool cover for Mary- on hold Backburner-ish 0%
Pillows for Morris Chair – on hold Backburner-ish 0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner-ish 0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes back burner 0%
Mod House Quilt back burner 0%

The winner of my Giveaway was # 37 Karrie

Who said: 

She’s talking about combining Madrigals:

and Ocean Surf:

Which is an intriguing idea! If she doesn’t mind waiting until after Christmas, I’d like to try that combo!

But first – THE LIST! 

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  1. Ooh!! Thank you!! I don’t mind waiting at all!! I understand how hectic the Holiday season is!! Thank you SO much!!