Custom Dyed Silk for 2 Fused Glass Artists

A couple months ago I was contacted by Barbara and Sam, 2 women making really lovely fused dichroic glass jewelry, they call their company O3M Designs (Out Of Our Minds Designs!) They were getting ready to sell their jewelry at shows and wanted my to dye the largest square silk scarves I could in three different color palettes to complement their lovely colored glass. We had a great time choosing which of my silk scarf palettes would work as is, and then designing a custom one as well so they could have 3 tables emphasizing purples, blue/greens, and red/golds. They sent me a picture of their booth from their first show and it looks FABULOUS!!!!!

If you’d like to see and perhaps purchase their work, please take a look at their website: O3M Designs

I’m so happy I could be a part of their beautiful display!

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