Update on our House Trim Painting

Some projects seem to just go on, and on, and on….one of those is our house trim re-do. Hubby has done the bulk of this work, and once school started he’s been pulled seven ways until sunday and so the last little bits continue to linger, like scraping off the paint on some of the windows, and painting the trim on the side of the house that nobody ever sees! A big part of this project got added after the  fact – new windows! Turns out with something called Hero Program and a good local window fabricator/installer with down to earth prices, we were able to get a huge energy upgrade replacement on our really crappy windows! They got installed right before school started, and man oh man, has it been great to actually open and close the windows! They work! And they block head and noise! 🙂
Anyway, here’s what the house looked like early this summer:



And here’s what it looked like last month!



I got these cool house numbers from “Glamorous Finding” on Etsy.



And the red doors! I love the so! I’ve always had a red bench on the front porch – my “tester” for the door paint was re-painting the bench in Benjamin Moore’s Heritage Red to make sure we liked it:


Hubby made some cool mid-century modern looking holders for these pots in the corner:


And together with Logan he built a long rectangular planter for the funky curved corner of the porch:


Whoops, you can’t see it there, all you can see is the vines growing up the wall FROM the planter! It has made such a huge difference to how the house feels, it’s amazing! Hopefully all the garage windows will be scraped by Thanksgiving time! 🙂