17 | The Crinkly Goodness of a Washed Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt!

The grand finale of my massive amounts of posts about my Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt is of course pix of the quilt after it was washed and dried! Ah, the crinkly goodness!

I took some helpers outside not once but twice, to try to get a whole quilt shot, so you could really see the multi-color binding, and this is the best I could get, sigh:


I had much better luck indoors, with no grumblers, just Stirling, whom I had to keep OFF the bed!






Here are some close-ups of the quilting. Believe me when I tell you that the ENTIRE time I was quilting this quilt there was at least one line every 4 square inches that I didn’t wish I could do over. Seriously, I’ve not quilted a large quilt in a long time, and my straight line game is never that awesome, there’s a LOT I wish I could do over, but yet, now that it’s been washed and dried, a lot of that angst about my quilting has literally washed away:





But believe you me, I’m counting down the years until one of my kids moves out for good and then I’m gonna get one of those sit down long arms and set it up in their vacated room!!!!

And finally, a few with the new pillowcases I made for my bed:




Would you be surprised if I told you the first night I slept under this I kept waking up? Between the new pillow cases and the completely different feel my bed has, I woke up 3 or 4 times! Note to self: make a new quilt for your bed more often than every 10 years!!!!!

OK, what’s next???

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  1. I’ve been watching your process & progress all along via the email feed. I just wanted you to know that you did a SPECTACULAR job!! The colors and the quilting work together so beautifully. I’m glad your worries washed away – now to get used to the newness! Maybe a cup of Sleepy Time tea in the evening? 🙂