New Baskets Sized Just Right for DVDs!

I’m headed to Acadia, CA this afternoon to give a presentation to the Wandering Foot Quilt Guild this evening entitled “My Journey from Traditional to Art Quilter”. While I’m there, I’ll have some hand dyed fabric and DVDs for sale, so I decided to make these 2 baskets to hold them:



I used some fantastic multicolor fabric for the outside of each one, using the palette that is featured in each DVD. While transporting them they’ll be completely covered with the handled up for grabbing, but when it’s time to sell them, I’ll fold the edges over like this:



These came out exactly as planned, I’m as pleased as punch! I hope the Wandering Foot folks enjoy my tale!


One Response

  1. I was at the Wandering Foot Quilt Guild meeting in Arcadia last night and I loved your tale; great story, mesmerizing colors and fun ideas. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your workshop for the guild this weekend.