Studio Snapshots | A Big Improv Pillow

I’ve had an idea in the back of my mind for awhile now for an improv quilt with a navy background and the rest of my jewel tones palette popping out. I won’t have time to make one for awhile, but I needed something to use as an example in my Free Motion Machine Sketching class I was teaching, so I made a quick sample big enough to make a new cover for a big pillow that needs re-covering:


I quickly quilted a wonky grid:


and headed off to my class, where I’ll show them how I Free Motion Machine Sketch a wonky flower on it!

5 Responses

  1. Is the wonky square placed on a traditional square or is the whole thing going to be random? I’m working on one that I recut in quarters, reassemble each square with pieces and parts of the new quarters and then free motion. Have you thought about making the dark blue from denim —- great idea for kids.

    1. Once I transitioned to the navy, I kept adding pieces but stopped trimming them at a wonky angle, so those logs are much more even. I’ve not ever made a quilt with denim, I worry about the weight of the thing!

      1. Couple of ideas for the weight. If you’re layering the squares of solid squares, trim out the back of the squares so there aren’t layers on layers. Use flannel backing and eliminate the batting. Or use the flannel as the batting and a muslin for the backing. And finally try using a chambray rather than heavy denim.

    1. Yep! That’s the plan! I’m gonna take a look at my navies and make sure I’ve got some variety, I may have to dye more!