A Momentous Week!

In between prepping for the show last Saturday, doing the show, then recovering from the show, we had some milestones happen!

Liam came home from his first year at Vanderbilt! I can’t believe that he’s already 1/4 done! It’s crazy how fast that went! His girlfriend Celia was able to take the train out from Santa Monica and get here just in time to come to the airport with us:


Logan was happy Liam was home too!


My little baby:


Turned 15!!! He didn’t want the candles to melt over the whipped cream frosting of his tres leches cake, so insisted we put candles on his crabcake instead! (He wanted crabcakes and burgers for his dinner!)


Stirling was a great help in the opening of the packages! He’s such a cuckoo bird, going round and round the table the entire time:



Logan’s been growing and growing, but Liam’s got a good half a head over him!


Liam’s girlfriend is finishing up her senior year as a boarder at Crossroads Arts High School in Santa Monica, and has a lot of free time to do her “senior project”, so she was able to stay a couple of days, and I had time to drive her back to Santa Monica on Tuesday and we had the BEST fish tacos ever from Mondo Taco, which is right down the street from her school:


SO MUCH YUMMINESS! (And yes, that’s a Boston University sweatshirt, she’s headed there next Fall to be a Viola performance major.)

A busy, momentous week for sure!