Celebratory Giveaway | Candied Fabrics is Turning 10!

Well my goodness, I’m beginning my 10th year of business! My very first art show was Red Dirt Art Festival in April of 2007. There isn’t a Red Dirt this Spring, but I’m doing another Spring show, the Riverside Art Market, next Saturday May 7, from 10-4.  So with this show I’m officially beginning year number 10 as a business!

Here’s a shot of my setup at my very first Red Dirt:


And here are a couple of shots from last Fall’s Red Dirt:



Not only have I been selling my art for ten years, I’ve found a way to combine my other love, teaching, with my love of what I do as an artist as I teach quilting, sewing and dyeing in print, in person, and online! I’m wrapping up my fifth online dyeing class, Dyeing 104: Multicolor Silk, it’s filled with super awesome information, and I’ve dyed a heckuva lot of (IMHO) beautiful silk! During this class I’ve dyed a lot of experimental color palettes, three of which I’ve added to my stock of scarves I dye for shows like the Riverside Art Market.

I’ve got names for two the palettes, but I’m stumped on the third one!




To celebrate, I’ll be having a giveaway!

How do you enter?

Two weeks from now (May 11), I’ll choose two names:

  1. One from my newsletter subscribers (use the form in the sidebar if you’ve not already subscribed, no need to leave a comment here about being a subscriber)
  2. Another from people who comment here on this blog post: What would be a good name for my unnamed palette? If you can’t think of a name, just tell me which of the 3 new palettes you like the best. (Note: comment moderation is on, so don’t worry if yours doesn’t show up right away)




What’s the prize?

Well, the winners will choose either one of my hand dyed habotai scarves, in the color palette of your choice (any of my palettes, not just the 3 new ones):


or a half yard of hand-dyed fabric, in one those scarf palettes (or my newest color palette, Autumn Splendor, which is only available on cotton).


I’ve had so many great experiences due to my adventures in art, and a lot of those come from interacting with folk either on my blog or at an art show, I’d like to say thanks to you all!

74 Responses

  1. LIly Pad .. . And I think it’s the most beautiful of all the new colors!

  2. Your new scarves are gorgeous. i love the Midnight Borealis. I am so not good at naming things. This one does remind me of New Lilacs

  3. How about ‘Misty Morning’. When the sun is just showing some colors through the fog.

  4. I love the new colors! What about Hydrangea for the newest one? I love the way you can change their color from purple to blue by altering the soil pH.

  5. I live in Nova Scotia Canada and the softness of these colors looks just like our Hydrangeas in Fall after the frost touches them. So my name would be “Hydrangeas in Fall”

  6. I think I would call it Iridescent Iris….it’s just beautiful….and if I’m blessed enough to win that would be the scarf I would choose. Also, the linen totes with the leather handles are absolutely gorgeous. Well done!

  7. Congratulations on your 10th year (and many more to come)!!!
    What beautiful new colors!!! Name suggestion: ‘Dichroic Glass’

  8. Congratulations and my what a difference from your first show to your latest.

    The minute I saw that unnamed scarf, I thought of Monet’s Flower Garden, and see another person did also. That’s my vote.

  9. I adore the fabric without a name. I would suggest heather haze, it really is beautiful.

  10. Absolutely stunning – all of them! My favorite is Name Me which I am calling The Sophisticate

  11. I love Midnight Borealis, the colors are just beautiful. All three scarves are beautiful. Your fabric is so vibrant and full of movement.

  12. That’s so weird! The first thing I thought of when I saw the nameless colour is Aurora Borealis. I just noticed that you named the other one Midnight Borealis. So I’d suggest either Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

  13. Oh, oh, oh! How about November Nights. (Because the first time I ever saw the Northern Lights was on a November night. And it looked just like that!)

  14. I think the people who have already commented on making it Monet’s Garden are right on. Another, lesser thought, hyacinth. And if I were to win, that is the color I would choose.

  15. Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh
    All the have to have a “Wizard of Oz” theme!
    The first is the storm in Kansas,
    The middle is the Emerald city ( and that’s my fav) and the last is the Ruby slippers, the tin man, the cowardly lion, Toto and the scarecrow!

  16. Hi, I would name it “Ocean Breeze”. Love the new colors and the bags. Eye Candy for sure!!

  17. WOW! …Have you come a long way!

    I choose “Forest Walk.” 🙂

    Good luck with your show @ Riverside Art Market.

    <3 Rox

    1. Auto correct went wild. That should have been New palette name: Monet Mist

  18. Love the “need name” new color palette. When I saw it, I thought of the Irises in my yard that look ready to bloom any day now (if it doesn’t snow … sigh), so my suggestions , Iris.

  19. Congratulations on 10 years! The first thought that came to mind was that it looked like under the sea colors. So my suggestion is Under the Sea. I also like Ocean Breeze that someone else suggested or Sea Breeze.

  20. All three are absolutely beautiful! My favorite is the presently un-named one. The name that comes to mind when I see it is Pearl Shimmer.

  21. How beautiful! I would call the color story Monet’s Garden or Giverny. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. congrats on your 10 years of successful fabric creations business, you do make beautiful things.
    Name suggestion for your new colorway, Scotch Mist.

  23. Hi Candi. I can’t believe how lovely your scarves are and the first name to come to mind for your last scarf is ‘Dreams’. I can’t wait to start dyeing with your class.

  24. The colors remind me of “Evening Shadows” or “After the Evening Rain”. Love all of the color combos!!!

  25. Great colors! I want them all! My choice for the nameless color combination is Steely Dawn.

  26. I see I’m not the first one to see the Northern Lights in the nameless colourway. Maybe just Aurora so as not to confuse the issue with two Borealises (Borealii?). Anyhow, beautiful, beautiful work.