Happy Holidays!

Well, it’s just about Christmas time in the Glendening household! After a very busy month, I’ve got to do some dyeing for some last minute gifts (thankfully one doesn’t need to be completed until the 30th!) and finish my Christmas cookie baking; this year I’m spreading it out over a few days, so I’ve already completed over half of it with Logan’s help:


After the baking is complete I’ve got to wrap up some gifts and spend some real quality time with my family. My son Liam is on his way home from a very successful first semester at Vanderbilt University as I type this email! After he sleeps in tomorrow morning, I can’t wait to plug him in to the pre-Christmas preparations, and hear some details from the semester he’s not shared with us on our weekly Facetime visits!!! My Mom and Step-dad will be out from Massachusetts to celebrate the New Year with us, so we’re going to be busy visiting into the new year!

Thank you so much for following along with my colorful adventures this year – the interest and support that I get from people like you are a great source of inspiration for me! I want to wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays!!!!


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