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It’s Giveaway Day over at Sew Mama Sew! (Actually, it’s all week long, with all sorts of bloggers having a giveaway on the same week!) so I’m participating by giving away not one but two of my hand dyed silk scarves to two lucky folks; one who comments on this post and another who is a newsletter subscriber, so if you comment and are a subscriber, you’ve got 2 chances to win!

If you’re new here – welcome! If you’re a big fan of color and fabric, you may want to subscribe to my blog or sign up for my newsletter, there’s a form right there on the right! —>

I’ve participate in a couple of big art shows every Fall, and at every show, many of my customers, both new and returning, are buying one (or more) of my  hand dyed silk scarves as a gift! Here’s a picture of my booth from one of my shows this Fall:


They really enjoy spending the time finding just the right color combination and dye patterning to fit their recipient. I enjoy learning a bit about the recipient while I help, looking through the scarves to find just the right one:Red-Dirt-Fall-2015-06

Here are just a few of the many silk scarves I have dyed, I name each color palette combination I create, this is part of the fun!:


How can you enter?

  1. Just take a peek at my scarf color palettes and then leave me a comment on this post telling me which one is your favorite…or, is there a certain color combination that you’d like to see that isn’t there? I’m always looking for new color ideas, let me know! (Comment moderation is on, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t shHabotai-Scarf-Giveawayow up right away, I’ve got to approve it first!) I will ship internationally.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter, there’s a form on the top right of my sidebar. If you’re already a subscriber, you’re already entered!!!

When does it end?

Sew Mama Sew has put together a huge list of blogs hosting giveaways this week, if you’ve got some time, head on over and enter some more! They all end this Sunday, December 13, at 9 pm Pacific, so you’ve got a few days to tour around and enter a bunch!

I’ll use to choose a winner, email the winner over the weekend and I’ll send the winner’s choices of habotai scarf out a week from today so they can be wearing it soon! Or, if you like, I can send it to a lucky person on your holiday gift list!

The giveaway is over – congrats to

  • Commentor #101, Shannon who likes Tiger lily, kelp and abalone
  • Newsletter Subscriber #893 Jessica C!!!!

185 Responses

  1. You work magic with each color combination. Moonlit Moth captures the essence of moonrise at dusk, my favorite moment of the day and, therefor, it is my favorite scarf.

  2. I think Gerber Daisy might be my favorite, although it’s hard to narrow it down! Love the scarf racks in your booth setup.

  3. It’s so hard to choose because they’re all beautiful. But there’s something ethereal about Moonlit Moth.

  4. I love the Ocean surf combo but all of the others are very beautiful. The gerber daisy is so rich in color.
    Thanks for participating in Sew mama Sew – your winners will love your scarves.
    Regards from Alberta Canada,

  5. love the moonlight moth, but ocean surf is a close second. These are beautiful scarves. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Much too far cor this Canadian girl to travel but I would be there if it was closer. Love your items.

  7. I’m torn between Kelp, and Moonlit Moth, but I’ll go with the Moth, as it would match my favorite sweater. Your work is ALL beautiful, though.

  8. What beautiful scarves! Moonlit Moth is my favorite, but my daughters would love Tiger Lily and Kelp! I was just in Paris where everyone wears scaves. Yours are more lovely than any I saw for sale there.

  9. The colors are exquisite! It’s extremely difficult to select one color way, but I guess I would choose Tiger Lily. They are all beautiful!

  10. I love almost every one of them! The Winter pallette is fabulous! Moonlit Moth is my favorite but Madrigals is a very close second. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  11. I love the Winter Madrigal scarf and Lunar Eclipse. I would love to see a deeper purple/ deep blue combo if possible 🙂

  12. I love Ocean Surf! It is just gorgeous. The only combo I didn’t really see that is one of my favorites is purple with green. Something about those two together, just love it.

  13. I took Candy’s class on free motion quilting several years ago and have been watching all the activity through her posts. I especially like her color combinations, the Moonlit Moth being especially intriguing.
    Keep sending your work. I do so enjoy seeing it all. Nancy

  14. I am a subscriber to your newsletter and I LOVE that Kelp –I live near the ocean and those colors are so evocative…fingers crossed…hugs, Julierose

  15. There are so many beautiful color combinations, but Wisteria is my favorite. I’d love to see one with like Wisteria, but with a little pink added.

  16. I like the Wisteria blend best.
    Would like to see purple and pink together.
    I follow you on Bloglovin.

  17. Beautiful scarves! I had trouble deciding between Moonlit Moth and Wisteria but ultimately Moonlit Moth won out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. The Spring colors are my favorite, and of those, Breath of Spring. Such lovely combinations! Thank you!

  19. Black Orchid is definitely my favourite, those are the colours I wear most often! But I also really like Wisteria. I love that you have them separated by seasons!

  20. Love the feeling of a silk scarf on my skin. From the color palettes you offer, love Gerber Daisy, Lunar Eclipse, Kelp and Ocean Surf.

  21. The moonlit moth, tiger lily and ocean surf speak to me, saying I want to come home with you!

  22. LOVE all your work. Thanks for the scarf giveaway. The blues, greens, and aqua colors are my favorites. I love the bird ornaments too. Blessings! Beth

  23. What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win.
    I love Tiger Lily in your fall. But, there are more in the winter palette that make me go ooh, especially Black Orchid.

  24. Your scarves are so beautiful ! My favorite would be the Moonlit Moth !
    Love those subtle shades….plus I have to add how much I like your new
    work with Indigo Blues ! Spot on !

  25. Hi Candy,
    Absolutely love your stuff! Still haven’t made it to California, some day…..
    The kelp scarf is exactly my colors. Love it!

  26. I LOVE the Kelp scarf…most of my wardrobe are blacks, greens and greys…or combination; my second choice would be Moonlit Moth as I do wear purples the rest of the time. Thanks for a chance to win…I am also a subscriber.

  27. They are all so lovely, Candy, but my favorite today is Black Orchid. Thanks for the giveaway, all your hard work!

  28. I always love all of your work. The scarves are all beautiful, but I really love Tiger Lily. Thank you for your generosity.

  29. Your color combos are so beautiful!!! I love Gerber Daisy (followed close by Ocean Surf). Thanks for your sweet, and very generous, giveaway!

  30. I love Tiger Lily, both the name and color! Another color combination I would love to see is orange and teal, but all your scarves are gorgeous.

  31. These are also lovely. I like the Ocean Surf. Another color group I’d like to see would be oranges and yellows into greens.

  32. Oh my goodness, I’m a huge scarf hoarder and I adore your scarves! So stunningly beautiful!! I’m excited to even have a chance to win!! Gorgeous. I love anything with blues, grays, greens, aquas. Lovely!!

  33. I just signed up to subscribe. The confirmation email isn’t in my box yet, but I’ll click on that link when it comes. Thanks for the chance!!

  34. Lunar Eclipse is gorgeous – and I think my sister, who just moved from No. Calif. to Wisconsin, will love it too!

  35. I would so love to attend your open house. Everything looks so lovely.
    Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a drive from British Columbia. I do so love all your posts. Merry Christmas to you and your family Candy. Look forward to seeing what your up to on the new year.

  36. Thank you for a chance to win one of your beautiful scarves. I like several of the color combinations but Ocean Surf is my favorite. And ocean surf with a little purple thrown in the mix would be a really great one too. I signed up for your newsletter.

  37. I love the Ocean Surf scarf!! Gorgeous!! (they ALL are!!) Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way! 🙂

  38. Love your color combinations Candy. This Florida girl always goes for the ocean colors first. Ocean Surf is my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity to win a piece of your artwork. I love your excellent classes also.

  39. LOVE your scarves! I started looking at the Summer colors, and thought I found my favorite, then looked at the Winter and changed my mind, then popped to Spring and fell in love with a couple, and decided I’d better stop looking! Your colors are gorgeous, I LOVE the Moonlit Moth, Ocean Surf is beautiful, Wisteria would get worn ALOT. If I am lucky enough to win it will be very difficult to choose. Thinking I’m signing up for your newsletter and adding a scarf to my gift wishlist 🙂

  40. I’m loving Ocean Surf, but I think my oldest would be more likely to wear Moonlight Moth, and if I win I would give it to her.
    Lovely scarves!

  41. Everyone one of your scarves is absolutely gorgeous! Right now, I’m torn between the Ocean Surf and the Moonlight Moth. I’m already an email subscriber and blog reader. Thank you for offering such a beautiful giveaway!

  42. Your scarves are gorgeous. It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I really like Sunset, Gerber Daisy and Ocean Waves.

  43. They are all beautiful. If I had to choose it would be moonlight moth but ocean surf is a very close second. l really loved them all.

  44. Thanks for all your sharing it inspires me to go create too! I have learned so much from the dyeing class, it has helped take the “scary” out of it. Such a bonus to see the finished product in action. Beautiful work.

  45. Absolutely lovely. Love Ocean Surf, Tiger lily. I have a burgandy coat, so why not burgandy and grey maybe?

  46. Oh! These are all lovely! Daffodil sky might have to be my favorite, but ocean surf is a ridiculously close second.

  47. I like Ocean surf and Gerber Daisy. However, I wonder if a red one might be possible? I do like a red/black/white combo of clothing and it could be fun idea.

  48. I love Gerber Daisy and Crocus! Maybe I’m missing the summer. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  49. Your work is simply beautifully colorful.I am all about the Caribbean and Ocean Surf is all about me.

  50. They are all very nice! The two I like most are Tiger Lily and Ocean Surf. I can’t choose a favorite! I think I need to play rock paper scissors with mysel to decide. haha 🙂

  51. Your scarves are gorgeous. I love all the different colors. It is hard to choose just one color. I would be happy with any of your scarves. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  52. Your work is so beautiful. I wish I lived in a nearby state, I would drive in for your show to see everything. I am in love with Ocean Surf. If I had not already bought my best friend’s Christmas present, I would have bought the Ocean Surf scarf for her. These are our favorite colors. Maybe after Christmas, I can get one for her birthday if you have any left. Merry Christmas from Granbury, Texas and God’s blessings for the new year.

  53. Oh gosh! What beautiful scarfs! I love them and my fingers are crossed for the win. I’m receive your newsletter as well ;-D

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  54. They are all so very beautiful, I don’t know what to choose. Probably one of the plant based colors shown, or your summer color shown in your shop. P.S. Also love your stitch work. So much fun.

  55. Oh gosh, it’s so hard to pick! I do generally gravitate to the greens, so I’m leaning to either Kelp, Ocean Surf or possibly breath of spring.

  56. I like the kelp colored scarf. That lightest shade of green reminds me of my peridot birthstone, that I love.

  57. I like Moonlit Moth.

    I’m a bit confused – it says above that the giveaways end on Friday December 11th but the rules for bloggers on Sew Mama Sew say they must be open until 5 pm PST on Sunday the 13th. Is your giveaway still open? If not, that’s unfair to those of us who set aside time to do this today.
    If I was only going to whip in, enter the giveaway and leave, I could have made it through all 113 giveaways by Friday afternoon. Instead, I’ve been taking my time and looking around the various blogs as I encounter them. Isn’t that what you want people to do?
    I would have thought one purpose of participating is to draw new customers in to your business. I’m not leaving with a good impression today and I’m sure I won’t be the only person that won’t come back.

    1. Sorry, that was a typo that I thought I had fixed, but apparently that modification didn’t save to the post, I’ve fixed it now. Commenting is still active, which is how you were able to comment at all, which means you were entered.

  58. oh my goodness they are beautiful. so hard to choose one. Ok. Wisteria would be my first choice