Improv Indigo Quilt #1

I’ve been saving bits and pieces of fabric that I’ve dyed with indigo these past months, some of them small swatches as I’ve tested different clamping patterns, others are bits I’ve trimmed off larger pieces of fabric while making bags and pillows. THey’re a mix of linen, regular quilting weight, and cotton sateen fabric; I thought it would be neat to try combining them together in one piece. Couple that with the fact that I needed something to illustrate how to bind a quilt completely by machine in the last advanced free motion quilting class I taught last Monday, so I whipped this piece up in order to show them!

Improv Indigo Number 1 20″ x 23″

Of course, I had to Free Motion Machine Sketch an Indigo Branch:


And then, because this was for a Free Motion Quilting Class, I made sure to use lots of different quilting motifs:



If it hadn’t been for a FMQ class, I most likely would have done something more linear in the center section, as well as those bottom and left linen borders¬†here:


But I have plenty of indigo scraps yet to use, there shall be more of these pieces!

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