Studio Snapshots | Continuing my Indigo Experiments

In between working on Dyeing 104 and of course the day job, I’m continuing my exploration of dyeing with Indigo! I’m planning on having a large assortment of scarves for sale at shows this Fall, the first one is coming up in less than a month, I’m also planning on putting them for sale on  my website too, so I’ve decided I want to name the different patterns so I can keep track of the stock relatively easily. So I’ve been trying out names on Facebook and Instagram; I’ve got a couple of great suggestions! Here are the names as they stand right now:

Indigo Moons (This one thanks to Vicki Welsh!)


Indigo Honeycomb


Indigo Snowflakes


Indigo Arashi


Indigo Trellis for the last 2



What do you think of the names? I’m still open to suggestions…and I’ve got more patterns on the clothesline as I type this!

One Response

  1. They are beautiful! The Arashi pieces could also be Indigo river/ocean/sea. It doesn’t matter what you call them. They are all gorgeous.