Cuteness Alert!

I got the cutest picture from my cousin a couple of weeks ago! Here’s Lucy at her 2 month birthday:


Oh my goodness, that smile! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you remember, I made some things for her nursery:


We got to visit her just a week ago, and I was happy to hear that a couple of little girls who have visited really enjoy Lucy’s nursery! I’m sure the mobile is one of the reasons:


Although it will be nice to see Lucy grown up to see if she appreciates her nursery, it sure is nice to just hold her when she sleeps:


2 Responses

  1. Hi Candy,
    Love the baby quilt and pillow. I especially love the grays. What color or combination did you use? How is the scarf class coming?
    Cathy Bertanzetti

    1. Yes, that is a lovely grey, my fave! That’s Nickel, a mixed dye from ProChem!

      The silk class is going great! I’m still adding sessions, but there are folks already hard at work on it! The “worm” early bird special will run for another month or so…

      TTFN – Candy