23 years and counting!

Well, 23 years ago last night, hubby and I were doing this:


Fast forward 23 years, and yesterday Andrew was running around getting the pre-college portion of the Pokorny Low Brass seminar started, while I was doing this:

new fridge 01

Yep, our fridge in the garage started dying last week, and we didn’t want to lose all the good stock and Meyer lemon juice we had frozen out there (plus, all my mixed up dyes!!!), so it was time to replace the fridge in the kitchen, rotating that one out to the garage and sending the garage fridge off to be recycled! Long time blog readers will remember that hubby and I re-did the kitchen 2 summers ago, but kept all the original appliances at the time because they worked, and it would have double the budget! We replaced the dishwasher about 6 months after the reno was complete after discovering that damage to the seal of the dishwasher was allowing steam to escape and was starting to damage my new cabinets! Yikes! So I wasn’t totally sad that we needed to replace the refrigerator (although our pockets are!), but it sure is a lot of work! I spent Friday shopping for a fridge that was: stainless steel, the right size (including COUNTER DEPTH!), and available for delivery ASAP. Lo and behold, I found a really nice one in my preferred style of French door with no ice/water in the door (there’s a water dispenser inside the fridge, and icemaker in the freezer) for a very reasonable price; reasonable price being a relative term, holy moly these things are expensive! Although hubby had lots of last minute details to deal with at the office, he had time to chat with me and look up reviews etc while I sent him pix from my phone.

Later in the day, my kitchen looked a lot better:

new fridge 02

new fridge 03

new fridge 04

Ah, more gleaming stainless steel…and more space in front of the fridge in that very busy traffic spot between the stove and the sink!!! Hooray!

As far as celebrating our anniversary, a nice dinner out for the 2 of us, along with the acknowledgement that a stainless steel fridge makes a great anniversary present was all I needed for a very happy day! 🙂

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